School's Out was a themed week to celebrate the Banker's birthday in 2011 on Deal or No Deal. It involved the Dream Factory being turned into a school for the week and the contestants dressing in school uniforms.

Premise Edit

School's Out was run from the perspective of the Dream Factory being "St. Banker's School for the Bewildered" run by headmistress Ms. Edmonds and hosting Deal or No Deal for the week. The week had a number of additions to the show. If any contestant found the 1p, then they and the person who held the box would go to the bike sheds for a kiss, regardless of gender. If anyone was caught making an incorrect statement, the Banker would call them out on it and they would be taken to the "dunce's corner" by Ms. Edmonds. There they would have to sit out the rest of the programme facing the wall wearing a dunce's hat.

A later game involved using a catapult to shoot paper balls into a bin. The Banker would offer the player the chance to play the game for an extra holiday for 4 shots or to move one box at a time before receiving an offer for 2 shots. However if they player failed, the Banker would be allowed to look in the contestant's box. None of the contestants successfully managed it. On the last episode in the week, Barnaby was told by the Banker there was only £10 in his box however he distrusted the Banker and kept his box and won £15,000.