Postcodeloterij Deal or No Deal
Postcodeloterij Deal or No Deal
Host Beau van Erven Dorens
Show Duration August 27, 2006 - present
Shows unknown
Top Prize €250,000
Bottom Prize €1
Producer Endemol


Postcodeloterij (the show's sponsor-the Dutch equivilant to the National Lottery) Deal or No Deal is a modernised version of the first ever Deal or No Deal show: Miljoenenjacht. It is also the version that shaped most of the other national shows, Australia starting off the chain. It was first broadcast on the channel Talpa from 2006 to of 2007. It then moved to RTL 5 because Talpa became defunct, so today, new episodes are shown daily at RTL 5.

The Game BoardEdit

Unlike Miljoenenjacht, the board has 20 sums of money hidden in 20 boxes, a nod to international variations like the UK. Each box is held by one of twenty representatives of the Netherlands, a format similar to Affari Tuoi. This is what the board looks like:

€1 €10,000
€5 €15,000
€10 €20,000
€50 €30,000
€100 €50,000
€250 €100,000
€500 €250,000
€1,000 €500,000
€2,500 €1,000,000
€5,000 €2,000,000


The jackpot is 1/20 smaller than it's predecessor's €5.000.000. On April 2, 2009, contestant Eelco Schumacher became the first one ever to win the top prize, €250,000. Until then, the biggest winner was Gert Dijkstra, who won €100,000 in 2007.


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