The success of Deal or no Deal USA has provided plenty of opportunities for various shows and movies to make parodies or have their characters make appearances on DOND USA as part of a (sub)plot.


Family GuyEdit

In the house long episode "Blue Harvest" (originally September 23, 2007) Darth Vadar (Stewie Griffin) board's Princess Leia's ship looking for the plans, while Leia (Lois Griffin) has hidden it in one of the 26 briefcases. In the end Vadar/Stewie wins very little money but is happy to be on television nevertheless.

Mad TVEdit

This was spoofed in a 2006 episode of the show.


In the episode "Heads Will Roll" (originally May 9, 2007), Alison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) dreams of being a contestant on DOND. However, she was being accused of "cheating" after picking the six lowest amounts in order from Round 1.

Meet the SpartansEdit

Xeres (Ken Davitian) offers a "deal" to Leonidas (Sean Maguire) that if he surrenders, he along with his people can go on a vacation.

Saturday Night Live (SNL)Edit

This was spoofed twice with Antonio Banderas and Steve Carrell respectively.

Sesame StreetEdit

This was spoofed in episode #4138 (originally August 16, 2007) as Meal or no Meal hosted by Howie Eatswell (parody of Howie Mandel) food was inside to make a "meal" instead of cash. Additionally, the spoof had a "baker" instead of a "banker" that makes the offer. It turns out that the baker making all the meal deals is Cookie Monster. When Eatswell tells Cookie Monster that there were 100 cookies on Dish#2, Cookie jumps out and eats the cookie.

Sonny with a ChanceEdit

Promises, Prom-MissesEdit

In the May 3, 2009 episode; Nico and Grady (Brandon Michal Smith and Doug Brochu) tries to dance with some of the girls from Meal or no Meal.

Sonny and the Studio BratEdit

In the April 26, 2009 episode; a poster of Meal or no Meal can be briefly seen where Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato) first meets Dakota Condor (G. "Genevieve" Hannelius).


This was spoofed as Nuclear Deal or No Deal where tranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad becomes a contestant on DOND and featured prizes such as getting bombed, getting nuked, economic incentives and getting occupied.

30 RockEdit

The Head and the HairEdit

In the January 18, 2007 episode; this was spoofed as Gold Case hosted by John McEnroe.

The C WordEdit

In the February 15, 2007 episode; a hobo version of DOND can be seen in the episode.


In the October 4, 2007 episode; a clip of DOND show with Jerry Seinfeld being digitally inserted into a contestant.



The Flanagans can be briefly seen watching an episode of DOND on television featuring first million dollar winner Jessica Robinson.

Don JonEdit

A clip of the 200th episode of DOND can be briefly seen in the opening credits of the movie.

30 RockEdit

Blind DateEdit

On the October 25, 2006 episode; a clip of DOND can be heard in the background.

Believe in the StarsEdit

On the November 6, 2008 episode; When Jack ask Tyler if he would like to host DOND in his own home, Jack briefly holds up the home game by Pressman based on the show.