Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal is the Philippine franchise of Deal or No Deal, initially hosted by Kris Aquino, then by Luis Manzano. It premiered on June 5, 2006 on ABS-CBN.

The smallest prize has always been ₱1 (about 2¢ (US), €0.02, 2p, and ¥3), but the grand prize has always varied, from ₱2,000,000 (about US$45,000, €41,000, £30,000, and ¥5,350,000), to ₱4,000,000 (about US$90,000, €83,000, £60,000, and ¥10,700,000) for a short period, to ₱3,000,000 for the second season, and back to ₱2,000,000 for the third season. During the fifth season, the top prize was reduced to ₱1,000,000 because the cases were reduced to 20. The game show's tagline is "Ang Kapalaran mo, Desisyon Mo" which in turn translates in English as "Your Fate, [is] Your Decision." At the time of its premiere, this was the first weekday primetime game show in the Philippines since the so-called primetime game show craze died down in late 2002, with Pilipinas, Game KNB?, the last remaining show among the weekday primetime game shows, reformatted into a daytime one after a relatively brief hiatus (although it had a primetime spinoff called Pasko Na, Game KNB? for three weeks on December 2005 to January 2006).

The first season of the show was supposed to run until August 25, 2006, to give way to another Endemol-produced program Pinoy Dream Academy, but its run was expanded twice, first until September 8 in the same year, and again indefinitely, because of its extreme popularity. The season finale for the first season was aired on February 23, 2007 to give way to the second season of Pinoy Big Brother.

The second season premiered June 11, 2007; it was supposed to end in October of the same year. However, on the September 20, 2007 episode, the host announced that the viewers could still continuously watch the game show. On the same episode, it was announced that the game show would be moved on an earlier timeslot. On September 24, 2007, Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal became pre-programming for TV Patrol World. The show finished its second season on January 11, 2008 to give way to the second Philippine version of Wheel of Fortune, which Aquino also hosted.

The third season of the show began on July 28, 2008. This is also the first one aired on TFC's North American feed. It ended on March 27, 2009 to give way to another game show hosted by Aquino, Pinoy Bingo Night (the Philippine version of National Bingo Night). The show was supposed to return on the fourth quarter of 2011 as announced on the last episode of Philippine version of The Price of Right, but the return was eventually pushed back to February 25, 2012, to be discussed below.

In Kris TV's January 17, 2012 episode, Kris Aquino accidentally told the viewing public of the show that Luis Manzano would be the host of the show once it would air in 2012. Kris Aquino further elaborated that she could not host the show as she was having upcoming commitments for her upcoming drama series, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, with Anne Curtis.

After an almost two-year hiatus, the show returned with its fourth season on February 25, 2012. This time, it would run only on Saturdays instead of weekdays. Among the changes in the new season are a new banker and a reduced number of models (now numbering 24 than the original 26). The final episode of the fourth season aired on September 28, 2013.

The fifth season of the show premiered on February 9, 2015 after numerous teasers hinted that the show will return this year. This has been confirmed by Manzano, on his official Twitter account, for which he would return as host for the show's fifth season. Among the changes in the new season is that the briefcases have been reduced to 20 and instead of models holding the cases, it would be held by celebrities, dubbed as the "20 Lucky Stars". One celebrity would actually play the game as an actual contestant. This format of contestants as quasi-models had been used previously in several "box" versions of the franchise as well as the US syndicated version.


The Philippine version is very similar to the U.S. version of Deal or No Deal (including the logo), except for the sounds and musical scoring which were adapted from the Dutch version.

Before the game proper begins, the independent adjudicator randomly places the possible amount of prize in the briefcases, which are distributed to 26 identically dressed models called the 26K who reveal the contents during the game. No one, including the host, knows what amounts are in the cases. Each contestant receives a new, randomly assigned set of cases. The prizes range in amounts from PHP1 to PHP2,000,000. See listing below.

After picking a case, the contestant then selects six of the remaining 25 cases, revealed one at a time. This is followed by a "phone call" by "The Banker", a mysterious figure whose face is not shown (at times a silhouette can be seen). He purportedly sits in a skybox (situated between the two audience sections) and makes an offer, via telephone to the host (his voice is never heard) to buy the contestant's case based on the mean of the cash amounts still in play, and also based on the player's psychology. This amount is usually lower than the mean. In more recent episodes, the banker "punishes" a player of opening a large amount by offering a very small amount, despite the number of larger amounts still left in play. The player is then asked by Kris the title question: "Deal or No Deal?"

Should the contestant refuse the offer (by stating "No Deal!"), they must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration. The Banker makes another offer, and the game continues as before. The Banker's offer may be higher or lower than the previous offer (if a top prize is eliminated, generally the offer decreases; conversely, if lower amounts are eliminated the offer increases significantly).

The contestant is shown a button to press in case the contestant takes the banker's offer. The player can just push the button to take the offer, even without saying "Deal." On the other hand, the contestant can simply close the button's cover to imply "No Deal" without actually saying the phrase.

Subsequent rounds have the contestant withdrawing five, four, three, then two cases from play, with Banker's offer appearing in between rounds; should the contestant continue to decline The Banker's offer after the two cases were picked, he/she then eliminates one case at a time (with an intervening offer from The Banker) until two cases are left. If the player rejects the final offer, they receive whatever cash amount is contained inside the case that they originally chose.

Each contestant has several supporters (usually three or four), who sit in a special section just off stage during his/her game. As the field of briefcases dwindles, one or more of the supporters are asked to consult with the contestant and help him/her make a decision. These exchanges have become emotional, particularly when very high and very small amounts remained and The Banker offers a large cash buyout. The contestant's supporters are typically revealed after the second Bank deal and before the third round; although if a contestant is doing well, the host will let the game run its course for some time, often consulting the supporters when the tide begins to turn.

If in case the contestant decides to accept the offer of the Banker at the end of any round, the host will let him go on ("No Deal" instead of "Deal" assumed at that point) until the end (at the end of every subsequent round, the amount offered by the Banker is revealed to him and "No Deal" is assumed) to determine if he made the correct decision.

In the fourth season (2012), due to the reduced number of briefcases from 26 to 24, the number of briefcases opened in each round is also modified, starting from five in the first round, three in each of the next three rounds, two in each the next three rounds, and one in each the final two rounds. Gameplay otherwise remains the same, with the exception of a routine option to swap briefcases in the end. The offer to swap briefcases was only given one time during Aquino's tenure.

In the fifth season (2015), once again due to the reduced number of briefcases from 24 to 20, for the very first time in this season and for this franchise, celebrities were the ones to hold the briefcases and a roulette is used to determine who among the 20 Lucky Stars would be the player of the day. Everyone would have a chance to play, since their tenureship as briefcase holders last for a month, and they would be replaced by a new batch of celebrities every month. The number of briefcases opened in each round is brought back to the usual format used in Season 1 to 4, but instead of six cases to open first, five were first opened, then four, three, two until one case is opened in succeeding rounds. However, the special section for the player's supporters has been removed, since the celebrity player of the day is also part of the 20 Lucky Stars, so after each star's situated briefcase is opened, they would sit in the audience space provided with a special platform row and would help the player in case if he/she has a difficult time during case selection at gameplay. Generally, the celebrity's designated briefcase as a Lucky Star would be their briefcase for play once chosen. However, the celebrity contestant has the option of swapping for a different briefcase, in which case the original holder of the new briefcase in play would then hold the swapped briefcase for the duration of play, then regain their designated briefcase afterwards.

Contestants, who joined through text messaging, are selected and screened with a series of interviews and tests, including a psychological one, before they appear on the show.

Case ValuesEdit

The currency of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offered by the Banker to the contestants is in Philippine pesos (PHP). Throughout the show, the peso sign is never used in all of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offers by the Banker to the contestants. It is because of the limited font and/or character support for the actual peso sign (a P with one or two horizontal parallel bars on the vertically middle part of its ascendant).

On January 1, 2007, the PHP2,500 and PHP5,000 case values were replaced by the PHP75,000 and the PHP4,000,000 case values (the latter being the highest amount). On its second season, PHP2,500 and PHP5,000 came back in the board and new amounts like PHP250 and PHP250,000 appeared replacing the amounts, PHP750, PHP200,000, PHP300,000 and PHP400,000 of the first season together with the top amount of the season which is the PHP3,000,000.

The briefcase amounts reverted to the original ones for the third season. But later in the third season, the five highest values were replaced with P1,000,000 each, similar to the Million Dollar Missions of the American version.

On January 5, 2009, the case values for the P4M Edition were brought back into play at par with the new year.

For the fourth season, the PHP150 and PHP2,500 case values were removed. In replacement, this season introduced a special prize hidden in one of the briefcases. If a contestant opens this briefcase during the game, he/she will win this guaranteed special prize in favor of normally opening its case value afterwards. The Christmas Edition returned on December 1, 2012 with the PHP400 and P750 cases replaced with two more PHP300,000 into play. From February 23, 2013 to March 23, 2013, the PHP750 case was replaced with one more PHP1,000,000 for celebrating the first anniversary of the season.

For the fifth season, the PHP75, PHP750, PHP25,000, and the PHP2,000,000 were removed. Only the PHP1,000,000 was maintained, since this has been a common win for those who have been millionaires of the show. This board is also significant since this is the one with least total amount, over the past four seasons.

1st & 3rd SeasonsEdit

1 1,000
5 2,500
10 5,000
25 10,000
50 25,000
75 50,000
100 100,000
150 200,000
200 300,000
300 400,000
400 500,000
500 1,000,000
750 2,000,000

2nd SeasonEdit

1 1,000
5 2,500
10 5,000
25 10,000
50 25,000
75 50,000
100 75,000
150 100,000
200 250,000
250 500,000
300 1,000,000
400 2,000,000
500 3,000,000

4th SeasonEdit

1 1,000
5 5,000
10 10,000
25 25,000
50 50,000
75 100,000
100 200,000
200 300,000
300 400,000
400 500,000
500 1,000,000
750 2,000,000

5th SeasonEdit

1 1,000
5 5,000
10 10,000
25 50,000
50 100,000
100 200,000
200 300,000
300 400,000
400 500,000
500 1,000,000

4M Edition (1st & 3rd Seasons)Edit

1 1,000
5 10,000
10 25,000
25 50,000
50 75,000
75 100,000
100 200,000
150 300,000
200 400,000
300 500,000
400 1,000,000
500 2,000,000
750 4,000,000

3rd Season Christmas EditionEdit

1 1,000
5 2,500
10 5,000
25 10,000
50 25,000
75 50,000
100 100,000
150 200,000
200 1,000,000
300 1,000,000
400 1,000,000
500 1,000,000
750 1,000,000

4th Season Christmas EditionEdit

1 10,000
5 25,000
10 50,000
25 100,000
50 200,000
75 300,000
100 300,000
200 300,000
300 400,000
500 500,000
1,000 1,000,000
5,000 2,000,000

4th Season 1st Anniversary EditionEdit

1 5,000
5 10,000
10 25,000
25 50,000
50 100,000
75 200,000
100 300,000
200 400,000
300 500,000
400 1,000,000
500 1,000,000
1,000 2,000,000

The sums of the briefcase values are:

  • Seasons 1 and 3: PHP4,596,066
  • Season 2: PHP7,020,566
  • Season 4: PHP4,593,416
  • Season 5: PHP2,567,591
  • 4M Edition: PHP8,663,566
  • Season 3 Christmas Edition: PHP5,396,066
  • Season 4 Christmas Edition: PHP5,192,266
  • Season 4 1st Anniversary Edition: PHP5,592,666


Second seasonEdit

Aside from the revamp of the money board in the second season, set designs were changed.

  • The podium where the button was found has been modified. The button itself now resembles a siren (except it itself does not make a sound until pressed). It looked like a sink and also lights up whenever the phone rings.
  • The landscape behind the 26K had been changed from a night cityscape to a sunset scene with columns. The staircase where the 26K stand also had columns and two more flights of stairs. Because of this, the models could appear from behind and at the side of the staircase.
  • The entrance of the 26K whenever Kris asked them to bring down the cases changed. The 26K theme was modified and became longer. There was also choreography included aside from the typical modeling entrance of the girls. The audience also clapped along with the entrance of the girls.
  • There was a bridge connecting from the Banker's skybox. It bore the show's logo. The bridge still exists in the succeeding seasons.
  • The money board now had an illuminated frame.
  • The telephone resembled the one used in the US version, only she placed the phone buttons-down. It had a pyramid-shaped base and a disc below the base which lights up like the podium.
  • The vault door was nowhere to be found. Instead, Kris comes out from a room at the back of the set.
  • The section for the player's companions was a metal bench.
  • The staircase was much higher than it used to be.
  • The theme color of the set was red (in contrast to black/gray in the first season).
  • As the show ended, ten girls entered from the back of the staircase and wave at the audience in silhouette.

Third seasonEdit

While the money board reverted to the first-season values, there were also many changes applied for the third season:

  • The steps on which the 26K stand became larger with the background changed to a futuristic night skyline and simple boards replacing the pillars.
  • The music accompanying the 26K's entrance has also been altered to a more electronic sound. Meanwhile, a brass band, dubbed "Ang Parokya ni Banker" (Banker's Parish) (derived from the name of the band Parokya ni Edgar) has been added to provide additional music, especially whenever a seven-digit amount is revealed. Along with the band are majorettes, who mock the contestant by saying "Ubos na" ("All gone") when both seven-digit figures have been revealed.
  • The stage itself is also considerably smaller and more circular.
  • The podium where the contestant stands is considerably smaller, even resembling a moped's front end. The Deal button and the telephone used in the second season are still being used.
  • The section for the player's companions is a circular couch. Furthermore, there is a retractable bridge under the area which connects it with the main stage. The bridge appears whenever the companions enter the studio through a pair of sliding doors behind the couch after being called in by the host (in previous seasons, the contestant's companions are already seated by the time they are introduced).
  • The main theme color of the set has been reverted to black/gray, but the gold rectangles for the briefcase values, the Banker's offer, and even the show's logo are now made with a shiny background.
  • While the small monitor behind the contestant (and under the Banker's window) is retained, a third display monitor has been added beside the Banker's skybox. Its function is the same as the aforementioned smaller monitor: show the Banker's current offer. Sometimes, during the beginning of the show and in between offers, random images appear in the said third monitor.
  • A camera is placed behind the Banker, bounded by acrylic glass.
  • The contestant now enters from a single set of doors from the back of the studio; Kris entered from the same doors during the first few episodes of the third season, but later resorted to appear on stage from the start. This set of doors is different from the one behind the companions' area mentioned earlier.

Fourth seasonEdit

  • The main theme color for the whole studio is dark midnight blue. This makes a new dramatic feel that contrast to previous seasons which had a lighter tone. The audience is more camouflaged behind the dark colors.
  • The steps of the 24K are sleeker and wider.
  • The stage is noticeably less circular, similar to the stage used in season two.
  • The landscape behind the 24K is now a simple layer of strings not like the past seasons.
  • The flights of the staircase for the 24K have a light of blue color.
  • The briefcases are now in black color and the numbers are in white.
  • The host will call on the contestant with his/her companions then the host will call on the 24K. In past seasons, the 26K would be called first before the contestant.
  • The telephone resembles a back-to-basics rotary dial red telephone similarly used in other franchised countries, particularly the British edition, although it is cordless like the previous telephones used in the show. The style is to take into account that the new Banker is the hat-wearing "father" of previous Banker, informally called "Banker Sr."
  • The Eurostile font previously used in the briefcase values and the displayed values on the screens are replaced by Impact and Verdana. Eurostile is still used in the show's television advertisements however.

Fifth seasonEdit

  • The total briefcase is now 20, instead of 24.
  • The 26K/24K Girls in the past seasons are no longer part of the new season.
  • A roulette is used in this season, called Gulong ng Tala ("Wheel of Stars," from the name "Lucky Stars") determining who will play among the 20 Lucky Stars, a first on the show.
  • The telephone was resembled back to the original one, applied in the US show, although its base is symmetrical to the phone itself.
  • The font of the displayed values has been changed.
  • 20 Lucky Stars (Celebrities) are now holding the briefcases.
  • The player of the day will come from the 20 Lucky Stars.
  • The top prize for this season is PHP1,000,000 instead of PHP2,000,000.
  • The banker is female instead of male.
  • The season is like the Deal or no Deal US Syndicate except the cases are 20.
  • The price was won by half. 1 for the contestant and 1 to the chosen charity of the contestant

Winners of at least Php 1,000,000Edit

No. Episode air date Contestant Deal/No Deal Amount (in Philippine pesos (PHP)) Notes
1 August 7, 2006 Edna Amarille No Deal 1,000,000 Edna claimed that omens from her late daughter prompted her to defend her chosen briefcase (#7) all the way to the end. The other unopened amount was PHP10,000 and the banker's last offer was PHP499,000.
2 September 25, 2006 Elsa Payumo Deal 1,127,000 Elsa Payumo donated her winnings to the Buklod ng Pag-ibig Community to complete the roof of its building.
3 December 29, 2006 Terry Lim Cua No Deal 2,000,000 Terry is the first male millionaire, and coincidentally a bank customer service representative. The banker spoke to him over the phone and congratulated him while Kris Aquino asked for Cua's necklace and shared the closing announcement of Deal or No Deal with him in the episode. The final three unopened values were the three highest prizes (PHP2,000,000, PHP1,000,000 and PHP500,000) and the final two briefcases contained the two highest amounts. The banker's last offer was PHP1,400,000.
4 February 19, 2007 Robert Jaworski Deal 1,000,007 Former senator and PBA player Robert Jaworski has the largest amount won by a celebrity player, although his briefcase contained PHP2,000,000. The amount of PHP1,000,007 was offered twice. In fact, some of the other offers either contain his former jersey number (7) or have its digits add up to it.
5 July 10, 2007 Jennel Montero No Deal 1,000,000 The last unopened briefcase contained PHP500,000, and the banker's last offer is PHP600,000. Jennel is the first millionaire of the second season, and the third ever person to win a seven-digit prize in a No Deal situation.
6 August 6, 2007 Allen Paul Aguada No Deal 2,000,000 The last two unopened amounts were the two highest prizes (PHP2,000,000 and PHP3,000,000). The banker's offer is PHP2,250,000, the highest in the show's history. Allen was still declared by Kris as "Lucky" because his final position resulted after removing the last two small values still in play (PHP5 and PHP150). According to Allen, his father was supposed to join, but the father urged him to join instead.
7 September 5, 2007 Jerhan Mama-O No Deal 2,000,000 Jerhan is the first winner of at least PHP1,000,000 from Mindanao, from Marawi City. His choice of briefcase (#2) is purely by gut feel and while he did eliminate the two other seven-digit values in the first round, he firmly believed on the would-be contents of the briefcase to the end. As Jerhan is Muslim, the Banker's last offer is PHP999,999, which was based from the 99 names of God according to Islam. Jerhan also correctly predicted where the two other unopened values (PHP1 and PHP250,000) were hidden; he eliminated the PHP1 briefcase before the Banker gave his final offer.
8 October 2, 2007 Rene Lamprea Deal 1,250,000 Although omens from his late younger brother compelled him to choose briefcase #5 (October 5 and the five-peso coin said to be from the late brother), the hare-lipped contestant decided to follow his wife's advice to take the offer. His chosen briefcase contained only PHP400 (with the other amount being PHP3,000,000); he was also the first regular contestant since the show's time slot was moved to 6:00pm; seven celebrities (two as a team) played before him, two of them accepting six-digit offers from the Banker.
9 October 16, 2007 Melody Macol No Deal 1,000,000 The Banker's final offer was PHP499,000, the unopened briefcase contained PHP250,000 (also the amount at which the house was pawned). Coincidentally, her chosen briefcase was Briefcase #9, the same numbered briefcase Kris chose when she played four days before and won only PHP50.
10 October 22, 2007 Aiko Melendez Deal 1,000,000 According to the actress and Quezon City 2nd District Councilor, her prize is for the benefit of several patients in the East Avenue Medical Center. Although her briefcase contained PHP3,000,000, the other unopened amount is PHP50,000. She is also the second celebrity player to win at least PHP1,000,000.
11 November 6, 2007 Kim Atienza No Deal 1,000,000 The Banker's final offer is PHP400,000, which according to him, is the life span in years of the quahog clam. The other unopened amount was PHP25,000.
12 December 12, 2007 Maria Rosario Odabel No Deal 1,000,000 The last unopened amount is PHP250,000. She kept all six-digit amounts and PHP1,000,000 after opening the last small amount (PHP75).
13 November 3, 2008 Anthony Solis No Deal 1,000,000 He opened many amounts lower than PHP100,000 in the first two rounds, which continued until the third when he opened the PHP300,000. Even though he opened the PHP2,000,000 (not surprising held by model Charmel de Asis), his luck still continued that by the penultimate round, he opened the last small amount of PHP150. After he opened the PHP200,000, he was given the final offer of PHP490,000, which he refused. The last unopened amount was PHP100,000. He was the first millionaire of the third season.
14 November 17, 2008 Rey Beltran Deal 1,100,000 He opened the final low amount, PHP50, in the eight round, leaving the PHP200,000, PHP400,000, and PHP2,000,000 still in play. He was offered PHP780,000, which he refused. In the final round, the PHP400,000 was opened, and this amount sufficed. His chosen briefcase contained PHP200,000. The reason for the non-exact amounts was because he was tithing some of his winnings for the Christian fellowships he was supporting.
15 November 25, 2008 Aiko Melendez & Candy Pangilinan No Deal 1,000,000 Playing as a team, the two actresses had a final offer of PHP345,001, which they refused. They incidentally picked one of the five briefcases that each contained PHP1,000,000. The last unopened briefcase contained PHP10. Their game was their second appearance in the show; each of their first games ended in bad deals, albeit taking home six- and seven-digit prizes (see above) respectively. The two were jointly declared as the 15th millionaire and the first team to win a seven-digit prize.
16 December 1, 2008 Jhaphet Flordeliza No Deal 1,000,000 He was first offered PHP466,000 with PHP50 and two PHP1,000,000 briefcases still in play in the penultimate round, but refused. When the second to the last PHP1,000,000 was opened, the Banker lowered his offer to PHP150,000. Upon advise from his father, Jhaphet said "No Deal," and won the PHP1,000,000. He was the first and only regular contestant to become a millionaire for the 2008 Christmas Edition.
17 December 11, 2008 Arnel Pineda No Deal 1,000,000 He was the second ever internationally-known celebrity to play in the game (after less than a year before) and the fourth celebrity to win the million pesos. He won this amount even after opening the four other million-peso briefcases and refusing the final offer of PHP249,999. He was in the Philippines to spend his Christmas in his homeland while his band, the American band Journey, was taking a tour break. He is the third celebrity millionaire.
18 January 12, 2009 Judy Ann Santos & Ryan Agoncillo Deal 1,000,030 After the eighth round, with PHP4,000,000, PHP1,000,000, and PHP75 still in play, they were offered PHP1,150,000, but the Banker promised to increase the offer to PHP1,500,000 if their manager Alfie Lorenzo would join them; they both refused to both offers. After opening the PHP1,000,000 in the final round, they were offered this amount, which they accepted to play it safe after the loss of their final "safety net." Their chosen briefcase contained only PHP75. The additional PHP30 referenced the total of the prizes two previously in won each of their first appearances (Judy Ann won PHP25 and Ryan got only PHP5; both went No Deal). They intended to use their winnings for their campaign to have the movie Ploning included in the official nominee list for the Best Foreign Language Film in the 81st Oscar Awards.
19 January 28, 2009 Maribuena Noche Deal 1,075,600 Her game went so well that only her mother was brought out to cheer her on as based from experience relatives were known to reverse the luck of one's game. After the eighth round, when she eliminated PHP10, she was offered this amount with PHP1, PHP500,000, and PHP4,000,000 still in play. She accepted the offer upon the suggestion of her mother. Unbelievably, it turned out that her briefcase contained only PHP1 with a potential final offer of PHP275,000 after seeing that the potential final briefcase she would have opened contained PHP4,000,000 (unsurpringly held by Charmel de Asis). The extra PHP75,600 was a reference to Maribuena's mother's medical bills.
20 February 2, 2009 Gerald Anderson & Jake Cuenca No Deal 2,000,000 Initially having a bad game by having the PHP4,000,000 opened in the first round and revealing many six-digit prizes afterwards, they later had a game so good that they were given a final offer of PHP838,000, with the PHP2,000,000 and PHP75,000 still in play. They refused the offer and won the two million. Gerald and Jake, leading men of the show Tayong Dalawa, were the third pair of returning celebrities to win a seven-digit prize as a unit and the one with the largest winnings. Also, their separate first appearances were in team games with different partners: Gerald with Kim Chiu in the first season and Jake with Roxanne Guinoo in the second. Probably to prevent any misunderstanding, all of the companions brought in to cheer and help them were men. Ironically in the fourth season, Gerald Anderson reappeared only winning one peso.
21 February 16, 2009 Christopher Viray Deal 1,600,000 After eliminating the last low amount, PHP400, he was soon given large six- and seven-digit offers, starting with PHP750,000, and then PHP1,050,000, both of which he refused. After eliminating PHP500,000, he was offered this amount, with PHP4,000,000 and PHP75,000 still in play. Upon the advice of his companions, especially his elder brother (Robert Viray), he accepted the offer. However, despite the fact that his chosen briefcase contained the top prize of PHP4,000,000, he currently holds the distinction of winning the highest Banker's offer that has been accepted by a contestant in the show.
22 August 18, 2012 Kean Cipriano & Enchong Dee No Deal 1,000,000 The Banker's final offer was PHP420,000 and the other unopened amount was PHP10.
23 December 29, 2012 Janice de Belen No Deal 1,000,000 The Banker's final offer was PHP563,855 and the other unopened amount was PHP25,000.
24 June 8, 2013 Boy Abunda Deal 1,186,003 His briefcase's amount was PHP2,000,000 and the other unopened amount was PHP5.
25 August 31, 2013 Genelyn Sandaga Deal 1,123,000 Her briefcase's amount was PHP2,000,000 and the other unopened amount was PHP25,000.
26 March 23, 2015 Bearwin Meily No Deal 1,000,000 He is part of the Batch 2 Lucky Stars. The Banker's final offer was PHP614,000 and the other unopened amount was PHP100,000.
27 April 17, 2015 Ara Mina No Deal 1,000,000 She is part of the Batch 3 Lucky Stars. Her original case was number 4. She swapped her case to number 7 because her friends told her so. On the penultimate round, she opened PHP500 briefcase. The Banker was forced to increase the offer to PHP407,000. On the final round, she knocked out PHP500,000; and thus leaving PHP100 and PHP1,000,000 on the money board. The Banker's final offer was PHP355,000.

Pisonaryo ClubEdit

Contestants join the Pisonary o Club when they win the lowest prize, which is P1. Pisonaryo is the title given to those players who won the lowest prize. The word Pisonaryo came from Piso (P1) and Milyonaryo (someone who has/won a million Peso).

Season 1Edit

No. Episode air date Contestant Notes
1 August 2006 Roderick Paulate

Roderick Paulate became the first contestant to win only one peso. The other unopened amount was worth 750 pesos. Coincidentally, it falls on the same week where the show's first millionaire, Edna Amarille won 1 million pesos.

2 Unknown Efren "Bata" Reyes

Season 2Edit

No. Episode

air date

Contestant Notes
1 Unknown Jericho Rosales

Season 4Edit

No. Episode air date Contestant Notes
1 March 2, 2013 Gerald Anderson
2 September 28, 2013 Korina Sanchez

Korina played on the final episode of the season. She knocked out 25 pesos on the final round, thus leaving 400 pesos and 1 peso on the board. She turned down the final offer of 114 pesos and the opportunity to swap with the remaining briefcase, which is number 13.

Season 5Edit

No. Episode air date Contestant Notes
1 February 10, 2015 Yam Concepcion She is part of the Batch 1 Lucky Stars. Yam became the first Pisonaryo of the Season 5 of the show.
2 April 20, 2015 Anne Curtis She played during the birthday week of Luis Manzano. Anne knocked out the only remaining large amount, which is PHP100,000, and left PHP1 and PHP200 on the board. Banker offered her PHP100.

Lucky StarsEdit

The "lucky stars" is the name given to the case models of the Season 5. "Lucky player" is the case model that will play for the day.

Batch 1Edit

Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3
1 Ryan Bang Niño Muhlach
2 Melanie Marquez Neggy
3 Donnalyn Bartolome Gary Lim
4 Garie Concepcion Ara Mina
5 Yam Concepcion Sylvia Sanchez
6 Long Mejia Jett Pangan
7 Dominic Roque Ella Cruz
8 Baron Geisler Vandolph
9 Bianca Manalo Hero Angeles
10 Arron Villaflor Bayani Agbayani
11 Arlene Muhlach Meg Imperial
12 Bonito Ariella Arida
13 Epy Quizon Bodie Cruz
14 Ramon Christopher


Bearwin Meily Daiana Menezes
15 Karen Reyes MJ Lastimosa
16 Rez Cortez Vickie Rushton
17 Markki Stroem Jason Abalos
18 Niña Jose Neil Perez
19 Matt Evans Hyubs Azarcon
20 Eric Nicolas Gio Alvarez

Names in bold are winners of PHP1,000,000.

Text PromosEdit

Kapamilya, KatextEdit

On July 10, 2006, a text-messaging game was introduced as a new segment of the show for the viewers to participate and win cash prizes. In Katext, Deal or No Deal, there are 10 special briefcases with amounts starting from PHP5,000 to P50,000, one of which is randomly selected for play. After a briefcase is chosen, 2 briefcases are randomly opened, after which the Banker makes an offer to buy the suitcase in play. Viewers can text whether they want to "Deal", signifying that they accept the banker's offer, or "No Deal", meaning they will accept whatever amount is in the suitcase. In the next episode, the suitcase is opened to reveal the amount it contains. If the amount in the suitcase is lower than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "Deal", with the Banker's offer as the prize. If the amount in the suitcase is higher than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "No Deal" to take home the amount in the suitcase. The winner is chosen each day from those who texted via electronic raffle. The amounts are:

  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 25,000
  • 30,000
  • 35,000
  • 40,000
  • 45,000
  • 50,000

On November 13, 2006, a segment was made that was named: Kapamilya, Katext, Deal or No Deal. The range of the amounts inside the case still increased by PHP5,000 starting from PHP10,000, but the highest amount inside the case is PHP100,000. Same procedures still apply, but have been modified. On Monday, one briefcase and another has been chosen. The next day after the chosen briefcase has been opened, another briefcase is chosen, and the banker's offer is based on the briefcases already opened the previous day. This new process continues throughout the week.The amounts are:

  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 25,000
  • 30,000
  • 35,000
  • 40,000
  • 45,000
  • 50,000
  • 100,000

Ka-Text, Deal or No DealEdit

Along with the show's return, a new promo was launched, named after the first text promo Ka-text, Deal or No Deal, wherein home viewers can win half of either what the contestant has won or the contents of the chosen briefcase (i.e. ranging from 50¢ to PHP1,500,000). Viewers can text the contestant's possible final response of "Deal" or "No Deal." Texting stops after the contestant has made his/her final decision. The next day, a winner is chosen from those who texted; if the contestant's final decision is "No Deal," only those who text the same response would win. On the other hand, when the contestant says "Deal," all who texted will be considered, regardless of response; what the winner would receive depends on the response.

In the show's third season, the rules were modified. Viewer could text "Deal" if the accepted offer was larger than the contents of the chosen briefcase or "No Deal" if the briefcase contents is larger than the accepted offer or the Banker's final offer if the contestant decides to say "No Deal" all the way. The correct response would depend on the outcome of the game; only those who text the correct response are eligible for prizes: P20,000 for the daily winners or P200,000 for the monthly winner. The promo was relaunched later with the same daily prizes, but this time, a Nissan Navara was up for grabs as the grand prize.

Unnamed text promoEdit

In a third promotion, this time using the show's title, viewers were invited to guess which briefcase contained P3,000,000. Those who correctly guessed the said briefcase would win PHP25,000 plus a "nochebuena" package.

Tulong Sa BarangayEdit

Prior to the start of the 4 Million Edition, a commercial of the show was released where barangay captains were invited to join and play as studio contestants. The aim of Tulong sa Barangay is to provide help for the needs and developments of different barangays in the Philippines by allowing the barangay captains to play as studio contestants and whatever the barangay captain will get, it will be donated to the barangay funds. A different set of text messaging instructions are given for interested barangay captains. The first episode involving barangay captains began on February 6, 2007.

Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal sa CebuEdit

On November 30 to December 1, 2007, the show finally made its first out-studio episodes at the parking lot of SM City Cebu. The stage made for the show was noticeably larger, having a larger stage and two large staircases where the models stood. The Banker would stand at the screen behind the staircases obscured by a red clouded background. He only appeared in front of his "helicopter" whenever he made his offer.

The episodes were shown from December 3 to 7 of the same year. One of the contestants happened to be the mayor of Toledo City, Cebu, who played as a regular contestant.


  • Largest amount won: PHP2,000,000 (December 29, 2006; August 6, 2007; September 5, 2007; and February 2, 2009)
  • Highest potential offer: PHP2,250,000 (August 6, 2007)
  • Highest banker's offer accepted: PHP1,600,000 (February 16, 2009)

Deal or No Deal USA visits the PhilippinesEdit

The U.S. version of Deal or No Deal visited the Philippines from April 22 to 25, 2008, to tape a special episode as part of the show's ongoing World Tour. In this special edition, all elements of the Filipino version were used, except that the game was played by American rules, using American money and contestants. Kris Aquino joined US host Howie Mandel as co-host. This special episode, the "first stop" of the US series' World Tour, aired on the American NBC network on May 5, 2008. Although the Estonian stop was the first stop to be taped, the Philippine one was the first to air and the last to be taped because Endemol USA "loved the episode so much," according to ABS-CBN business unit head Alou Almaden.

ABS-CBN aired this special episode on June 22, 2008. ABS-CBN's PR campaign for that event also earned the show a Philippine Quill Award of Merit in the same year.

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