Jessica Robinson
Roop Singh
DOB {{{dob}}}
Place of Birth {{{pob}}}
What show are they from? Deal or No Deal USA
Who are they? Contestant
When was their debut {{{when}}}
Interesting Fact She's has won the $1,000,000.
Gender Female

Jessica Robinson is one of the $1,000,000 winners on the American version of Deal or No Deal. When she went on the show on the 1st September 2008, Jessica was then a mother of one and was seven months pregnant with her second child. She played the Million Dollar Mission with five million dollar cases and won the million with her case #4 holding one of them. Over two years later in November 2010, Jessica was one of the many game show contestants interviewed for GSN's ongoing "The World Needs More Winners" campaign, which launched that month.

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