Deal or No Deal Germany
Deal or No Deal Germany
Host Guido Cantz
Show Duration 2005-present
Shows unknown
Top Prize €250.000
Bottom Prize €0,01
Setting unknown
Producer unknown

Basic InformationEdit

The current version of Deal or No Deal in Germany started with their second season with Guido Cantz as the host. The top prize went down considerably from €2.000.000 down to €250.000. The show is quite popular but isn't as successful as the UK or USA versions.


€0.01 €1,000
€0.2 €2,500
€0.5 €5,000
€1 €7,500
€5 €10,000
€10 €12,500
€20 €15,000
€50 €20,000
€100 €25,000
€200 €50,000
€300 €100,000
€400 €150,000
€500 €250,000

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YouTube LinksEdit

Full Episode: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

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