Deal or No Deal Canada
Deal or No Deal Canada
Host Howie Mandel
Show Duration 4 February 2007 - March 1 2007
Shows 5 (as of 1st March)
Top Prize $1,000,000
Bottom Prize $0.01
Setting unknown
Producer Endemol


The Canadian version was a lot like the USA version. It had the same presenter, Howie Mandel, hosting most likely due to the fact he's from Ontario, Canada. The board was also very similar as well. The show had a trial run of five episodes running for five consecutive weeks, but hasn't made any other episodes since. Rumors have been spreading around about new episodes due to high ratings from the show, but as of 2010, no revival has been planned.

Game BoardEdit

This is the Canadian Game Board:

$0.01 $750
LOONIE $1,000
TOONIE $5,000
$5 $10,000
$10 $25,000
$25 $50,000
$50 $75,000
$75 $100,000
$100 $200,000
$200 $300,000
$300 $500,000
$400 $750,000
$500 $1,000,000

NOTE: Loonie and Toonie refer to $1 and $2 respectively.

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YouTube LinkEdit

A Super Terrible Deal!

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