Where on the board Extreme top left
Which version is it from Deal or No Deal UK
How many winners are there of the amount 49 contestants have won the 1p.
An interesting fact On 26th December 2006, the amount was removed and turned into 'PEANUTS' and was replaced on the board by it as well.
Nicknames The Penny, Glossary of Deal or No Deal UK


The 1p is the lowest amount a player can win on the UK version. It has always been surrounded by a curse that if you have the 1p at 5-box and no deal you will almost certainly get it.

History of the 1pEdit

The 1p is a massive physiological threat when the game is coming to a close. It can change the offers and change your gameplan. Although some players are not intimidated by it, it still will really change your game for the banker and for you. The first 1p club member was Nick Bain who had a choice of the penny or £100. He swapped the box (box 5) and ended up with the 1p to start the group of people meeting in what is now a caravan (before it was a British public telephone box). The next member was Trevor who had an ambition to go to see his brother in Australia and almost had a chance to win the top prize if he had not taken out box 1. As of 9 October 2014, 50 contestants have won the 1p, the last inductee being Dakota Murphy.


YouTube VideoEdit

The 1p Club - Victims of the 1p Box

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