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Where on the board Bottom Right
Which version is it from UK
How many winners are there of the amount 7: Laura Pearce, Alice Munday, Suzanne Mulholland, Tegen Roberts, Nong Skett, Paddy Roberts and Roop Singh.
An interesting fact There are 49 winners of the 1p, and 7 winners of the £250,000.
Nicknames The Biggie - Quarter Of a Million - Top Power Five - The two-fifty.

£250,000 is the highest amount on Deal or No Deal UK. It has been won by seven lucky contestants: Laura Pearce, Alice Munday, Suzanne Mulholland, Tegen Roberts, Nong Skett, Paddy Roberts and Roop Singh are all to have won the big amount. The last two amounts are £100,000 and £250,000 and sees the most and largest difference between them.

Laura 250000

Laura Pearce

  • Laura Pearce declined the offer of £45,000.00 when £3,000 and £250,000 were left on the board. She claimed that her father was the most important person in her life. Her box, number six, was her fathers birthday, and therefore refused the swap. Her box contained £250,000, 7 January 2007
  • Alice Munday had perhaps the most legendary game in Deal History. She accepted the bankers offer of £17,500.00. Because she dealt so early, she kept the 1p and £250,000 on the board. The Banker then offered the Bankers Gamble. She accepted and declined the swap. Her box (number 8) contained £250,000.00, 12 March 2009.
  • Suzanne Mulholland was left with the "Dream Finish" at the last two boex and turned down her final offer of £165,000. She went on and won the £250,000.

Facts about the £250,000Edit

  • Jonathen Bunney had the £250,000 on the board along with another high amount. His game was on 31 January 2007, only a few weeks after Laura's game. Bunney was known to be one of Deal Or No Deals Biggest characters. He accepted the offer of £110.000.

The Banker SackingEdit

Due to the rash act of giving the Bankers Gamble to Alice, the banker was sacked after she won £250,000. A new banker named Geoff Trump was hired, and again fired for being too rude to Noel. The Original banker returned.

  • After Laura's game, the banker was apparently sobbing in his room.

YouTube VideosEdit

Laura Pierce, the first ever £250,000 Winner!
Suzanne Mulholland, the third £250,000 Winner!
Winners of the £250,000 Box!

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